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Top 50 Guns of the September Premier: 30-21

Crossing the halfway point, this group of 10 remarkable firearms includes historic figures, astounding rarity, stunning artistry, renowned manufacturers, and superb condition. Basically, all the things you’ve come to love and expect in our countdown videos.

00:20 General Huebner’s M1911A1 and Saber
01:35 Colonel Slocum Colts
03:55 Mauser K-Date “S/42” P.08 Luger
05:10 M1903 Rifles
07:06 North American Arms M1911 Pistol
08:25 John Gough Engraved Winchester Deluxe Model 1890
10:30 U.S. Colt 2nd Model Dragoon Revolver
12:20 Remington Parker A1 Special Side by Side Hammerless Shotgun
13:35 WWII Singer M1911A1
15:00 Earliest Known Winchester Model 1886 .50-100-450 Rifle

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