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Fighting On Film: Bring Up The PIAT – The PIAT in Film

This week we have a very special episode where we tap into a topic close to Matt’s heart, the PIAT. Matt wrote a book about the PIAT, or Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank, in 2020 and continues to research its history. One of the most interesting aspects of the PIAT is its unique cultural history, having been portrayed in a plethora of films spanning over 70 years. Most famously it was heralded, literally, when Anthony Hopkins as Lt. Colonel Frost in A Bridge Too Far shouted ‘BRING UP THE PIAT!‘ A line which has become iconic. But there’s so much more to the PIAT’s onscreen career!

Correction: When I mention that I think the Dixon live fires the PIAT against the Panther, I don’t think he does, not enough recoil – the chaps in the first PIAT scene of Theirs Is the Glory do, I believe, live fire the PIAT – although I’m not sure they’re firing on the Char B, some clever editing there. That first scene remains the best depiction of a PIAT team in action I think.

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