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?AK4D [Modernized G3] 650yds: Practical Accuracy (Feat. Karl | Swedish Army Weapons Instructor)

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?Current record holder – lowest round count for optic-ready service rifle

Sweden ?? makes expensive and useful furniture… for rifles. The AK4 (Automatkarbin 4) is a 1:1 copy of the German H&K G3 with a longer stock. The AK4D, however, is the last iteration of the modernized version of the AK4 / G3 system that Sweden uses.

The AK4C and AK4D systems are most notable for using a Spuhr upgraded stock that redirects the recoil impulse, shortens the length of pull and increases the shooter’s sight height for optics use.

Specifically the AK4D system is upgraded as a “stop-gap” measure before the Swedish Armed Forces find a new permanent 7.62×51 NATO caliber DMR. (Many speculate this to be something equivalent to the HK417/Scar17-20 type rifles)

At the end of the day, Swedish forces basically took aging 50-year-old G3 type rifles and re-outfitted them for general issue and marksman issue. The AK4C/D story is one of Swedish pragmatism by spending less on new rifles so that they could afford more useful items in their military like night vision or thermals.

The AK4d is not without fault. Many of them are issued with aging Hensoldt Z24 4x28mm scopes for their marksmen. So how would this old piece of tech perform with some of the latest modernization upgrades? We find out and also hear from Karl, the Swedish Army Marksman program instructor.

For reference:
AK4 – stock G3 with irons
AK4B – irons cut off, 1913 rail welded on top with Aimpoint
AK4C – the AK4B with Spuhr stock with Aimpoint
AK4D – full conversion with Spuhr stock, handguard and atlas bipod with Aimpoint or Hensoldt Z24 4×28 scope (or optional scope)

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Observer setup seen here powered by:
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– Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod
– Phone Skope Lollipop Universal Digiscoping kit

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