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Desert Brutality 2021: Bloke’s Stages Talkthrough #desertbrutality

If you don’t want the blabla and just want the shooting (and some bonus instareactions), this vid is for you:

Bloke talks through his performance in Cold War division at #desertbrutality2021 at the Cobalt Kinetics range in St. George, Utah. 8 varied stages with rifle (Armalite AR-180 by Howa in .223 Rem), DMR (Norinco NDM-86 SVD Dragunov copy in .308 Win) and pistol (Browning Hi Power in 9x19mm), brutal not only for the physicality, but also for the accuracy requirements – shots out to 550 yds / 500 m were needed! Keep an eye out on @InRangeTV @SinistralRifleman @Forgotten Weapons and @Varusteleka for more awesome Desert Brutality content!

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