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Estonian Home Guard Browning High Power

This is Lot 559 in the upcoming RIA December 2019 Premier auction.

Estonia purchased several batches of early FN High Power pistols in the 1930s. First in 1936 120 were ordered for the police, and then much larger orders followed in 1937. The military bought 5,338 and the Home Guard bought an additional 3,038. Both batches have their own serial number ranges, and the military guns are identified by an “EV” (Eesti Vabariik) marking on the backstop, while the Home Guard guns are marked “KL” (Kaitseliit). The guns have 500m tangent sights and stock slots. No holsters or stock were ordered from FN, but the Estonian arsenal at Tallinn manufactured some 3,150 shoulder stocks as well as spare parts for the guns. Apparently there was a plan to start making complete guns there under license, but the occupation in 1940 interrupted them.

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