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Q&A 55: Surplus Gear and Finnish Culture w/ Jari Laine of Varusteleka

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Today we have a Q&A guest: Jari Laine, CEO of Varusteleka. Jari is active in the Finnish reserves in addition to his role as CEO, and exemplifies the company’s practical expertise in designing and producing topicality military gear as well as sourcing all manner of surplus. Located just north of Helsinki in Finland, Varusteleka ships worldwide (including to the US for a flat $9.99). You can browse their whole extensive collection at:

Now, for our questions with Jari:

00:00 – Introduction
02:17 – Natural fibers vs synthetics
04:51 – What can Americans learn from Finnish culture (besides sauna)?
05:43 – How to deal with mosquitos
07:42 – Särmä short-shorts?
08:30 – Cool but utterly useless military gear?
10:10 – Biggest shortcoming of Finnish gear?
13:05 – Varusteleka sales, international vs domestic Finland?
14:25 – Prioritizing product people need vs high-profit products?
17:11 – Is there a place for the 9mm SMG in a modern military?
19:33 – How do Finns feel about the huge number of Finnish surplus guns in the US?
21:34 – News about Finnish Brutality 2022?
22:34 – Difficult country or region to find surplus from?
24:37 – How to repair merino wool cuffs and elbows?
25:44 – What does Jari think of the WWSD?
27:13 – Why does Finland still use 7.62x39mm?
31:13 – Anything specific you always do in the US when visiting?
33:10 – Strangest piece of milsurp you have been offered?
34:59 – How does Varusteleka actually find surplus goods?
36:53 – Were WW2 puukko knives private or military issue?
38:36 – Is surplus from particular countries consistent in quality?
40:40 – How are modern-day relations between Russia and Finland?
42:12 – Does Varusteleka have any clothing items with absolutely no plastic?
44:07 – What do Ian and Jari enjoy about the other’s countries?
46:33 – Who would win a hand-to-hand fight, Jari or Vladimir Putin?

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