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WWII P-40 fighter pilot- Major Gatling sinks enemy Destroyer 1943 *HDR Documentary Special* (2:30)

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*Memorial Day Tribute 2020 * 75 Anniversary of VDAY *
The U.S. Army Air Corps 324th Fighter Group fought in 8 major campaigns in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany during the war. The 324th F.G. consisted of the 314th, 315th, and 316th Fighter Squadrons.

315th Fighter Squadron pilot, Major William David Gatling sank the Leone Pancaldo, a Nazi sympathizing, enemy destroyer in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations (MTO) during WWII. 77 years ago – April 30th 1943.

We wanted to do something special to commemorate the 77th anniversary of this extraordinary mission. We hope younger Americans can see & hear some of the things U.S. veterans of WWII were asked to do in the 1940’s. The “Greatest Generation” for these very reasons…

May 11th 2018, family and friends witnessed full military honors as Major William David Gatling was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C. USA.
God Bless .

Never Forget WWII .

*Documentary Special *
*4k HDR Video & Sound *

(4k Monitor/TV & Sound system recommended)

*FULL Interview * (12:00)
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