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Ian’s Customs: Left-Handed G3

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I used to say that one really common and popular rifle that I really didn’t like was the H&K G3. Well, putting together this rifle for myself really changed my opinion. The roller locking system is accurate, simple, and reliable – you just have to fix all the ergonomic problems with the G3 in order to take advantage of it.

Specifically, I had this made with a reversed, left-handed charging handle (and the handle itself is from an H&K 23, for a better grip). The pistol grip frame is Magpul, the trigger was worked over by Bill Springfield, and the rifle was made with a rail welded to the receiver for easy optics mounting. Most importantly, a Spuhr stock reduced the length of pull and weight, puts the cheek rest at a proper height for optics, and dramatically improves the felt recoil.

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