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Ethiopian Oddities: Vetterli-Mauser Hybrid (Sort Of)

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Today’s Ethiopian Oddity is a rifle that appears to be a Vetterli action with a distinctly Mauser flair. The bolt is styled after the Vetterli system (including rear locking lugs) but has a non-functional Mauser flag safety lookalike instead of a functional Vetterli safety. The stock, sights, and barrel bands are Mauser-like, although the rear sight is nonfunctional (and looks distinctively Chinese, if I didn’t know it came from Ethiopia…).

The caliber is inclear, but appears to be approximately .30 inch. It is definitely not 6.5mm (like the Vetterli-Carcano) or 10.5mm-11.5mm (like the original Vetterli and other contemporary black powder military rifles).

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