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Q&A 54: Machine Gun Questions w/ Msgt. (Ret) John Keene

Thanks to John Keene for joining me again for today’s Q&A! John is both a professional in the business and a passionate machine gun collector himself, and we’re here to answer questions specifically about collectible machine guns…

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:12 – What MGs are over/under valued because of their nationality or provenance?
0:15:31 – What MGs are over/under valued because of their mechanical characteristics?
0:21:37 – Machine guns that really shouldn’t be legally considered machine guns
0:23:17 – Paperwork associated with DEWATs (Deactivated War Trophies)
0:24:19 – Best and worst Cold War SMGs for the collector and shooter?
0:29:55 – When will demand for transferrable MGs start to slow?
0:32:39 – How do cannon/artillery owners obtain ammunition?
0:34:52 – Where should someone start when collecting machine guns?
0:39:06 – MAC family of guns and their accessories
0:41:50 – Are there more “enemy” MGs on the registry than “allied” ones?
0:44:38 – Chances of another machine gun amnesty?
0:49:30 – Have binary triggers impacted machine gun values?
0:51:30 – Most surprising machine gun John has encountered?
0:53:46 – How does parts/accessory availability impact MG values?
1:01:46 – What is John’s opinion of the M60?

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