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Professional Ordnance Carbon-15: A Super-Light AWB AR-15

Sold for $690

The Professional Ordnance Carbon-15 was developed during the assault weapons ban in the United States as a way to market a pistol version of an AR15 action without exceeding the weight limit imposed by legislation. While Olympic Arms achieved this goal through extensive skeletonization, Professional Ordnance did it by using polymer (not woven carbon fiber, as the name implies) for the upper and lower receivers. What we are looking at today, however, is the full size rifle version of this weapon that was also produced.

With a very thin barrel and polymer upper, lower, and buttstock, the Carbon 15 is an exceptionally lightweight rifle – it weighs just 4 pounds unloaded. This could have made a compelling rifle were it not for the numerous reliability and durability problems that dogged the guns. In addition, the bolt and several other parts were made to proprietary designs and not interchangeable with standard parts. Professional Ordnance folded around the end of the assault weapons ban, and its assets were purchased by Bushmaster, who would continue to market guns under the Carbon-15 name but not in the proprietary and super-light configuration of the Professional Ordnance production.

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