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Zastava M93 Black Arrow in .50 BMG at the Range

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Today we have the M93 “Black Arrow” out at the range. I made an attempt to get the scope zeroed enough to be on paper, but was unable to get it there within a few rounds, so most of this video is shot using the rifle’s backup iron sights. Perhaps others will have more recoil tolerance to properly dial in one of these.

Overall, the M93 is definitely a military-spec heavy rifle, not a commercial precision rifle. All of its elements are functional, but they all leave something to be desired. The grip and stock are a bit uncomfortable, the iron sights are a bit crude, the trigger is heavy and squishy, and the recoil is more brutal than I am used to, even considering that it’s chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge. That said, I got a remarkable 3-round group, at least by my estimation.

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