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Revolver: 101

Othais delves into what it means to be a revolver. Bear in mind, this episode is not exhaustive, there is more to see and learn, this is our attempt at a deeper delve into centerfire military revolvers from the 1870s through the early 1900s.

0:00 Intro
5:00 How
9:57 To
22:27 Really
44:41 Study
1:02:15 Revolving
1:32:01 Action
1:49:23 Firearms

—Prideaux Device and Webley-Fosbery at the range
—Mateba – 6 Unica – .357 Magnum

Forgotten Weapons:
—1885 Dimancea: A Revolver With Sprockets
—Salvatore Mazza Gold-Inlaid Percussion Collier Revolver

Special thanks to Bruno and Matt for helping us come up with the mnemonic device for this episode:
Bruno – BAanimations

Matt – Fudd Busters

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