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EXTRA VIDEO: Target SR(b) .303 British Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.2 at 300m


In the days before the heavy-barrelled 7.62mm target rifles, there was SR (b) – Service Rifle (b), which permitted deviations from the military stocking-up system, target sights and middle sling swivels. Calibre was still 303 British though. Various Long Lee-Enfield rifles, SMLE’s, P14’s and No.4’s were converted to this standard, and when fettled they could all manage to score possibles on a 2.5 MOA bullseye (5″ at 200 yds was the smallest in angular terms). Here’s The Bloke’s AJ Parker No.4 Mk.2 at 300m with his last 6 rounds of the day, and the only shots he fired off the bag with this rifle.

Music Created By : EternalSushi
Song Title: Undertale – Megalovania Elevator Jazz
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