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CatalogIt Firearms Inventory Software for Museums and Collectors

Check out CatalogIt for firearms here:

When I went looking for a piece of good modern software to use for maintaining a collection inventory, I came up almost completely empty. Talking to Ashley Hlebinsky, formerly of the Cody Firearms Museum, it was rather surprising to learn just what a dearth of good inventory software exists even for large institutions. However, I did find a really good piece of software called CatalogIt – they just didn’t support firearms specifically.

I reached out to see if they would consider adding firearms support, and the result was several months of collaboration between myself, Ashley, and CatalogIt to create a firearms classification system for their software. It’s now complete and available, and I think it is an outstanding tool for firearms collections from the amateur hobbyist to the largest museum organization. It offers a huge selection of information that can be stored, excellent organization, and access from both desktop and mobile systems. Best of all, accounts with up to 50 items are free, so it’s easy to try out.

Whether you are going to use the system for insurance itemization, financial record keeping, mobile access to your collection, or some other reason, try out CatalogIt!

Note: CatalogIt gave me a free subscription for my help building the firearms category, but I get no kickback or other remuneration from them.

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