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Portugal’s MG-13: the M938 Light Machine Gun

Sold for $23,000 (pre-86 dealer sample).

The MG13 was an interim machine gun used by the German military in the 1930s until the MG34 was adopted and widely issued. The MG13 (so designated to allow a claim that it was a WW1 era design, not a new development by Rheinmetall in the 1920s) was a closed-bolt, magazine fed, short recoil, hammer fired design. It has a particularly interesting mechanism allowing the recoil spring tension to be adjusted, and also has a folding stock – an unusual feature on a light machine gun. Fed by both 25 round box magazines and 75 round double drums, this particular example is a Portuguese contract example designated the M938. Today’s video will focus on the mechanical operation of the gun, rather than its developmental history.

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