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Small Arms of WWI Primer 142: Siamese RS 121 Type 46

Othais and Mae delve into the story of this WWI classic. Complete with history, function, and live fire demonstration.

C&Rsenal presents its WWI Primer series; covering the firearms of this historic conflict one at a time in honor of the centennial anniversary. Join us every other Tuesday!

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Additional reading:

The Siamese Mauser
Francis C. Allan & Roger L. Wakelam

Japanese Contract Rifles
Doss H. White & Francis C. Allan

The Early Arisakas
Francis C. Allan , Doss H. White, Dr. Standley Zielinski

Late Siamese Mauser Handguards
Francis C. Allan

Arisaka Prototype to Compete for the Siamese Rifle Contract
Takehito Jimbo & Francis C. Allan

Siamese Mauser Postscript
Francis C. Allan

The Last Siamese Mauser?
Francis C. Allan

Siamese Manufactured Type 46 Long Rifle
Jonathan Paterson & Francis C. Allan

Siamese Test or Sales Sample Rifle?
Chip Goddard & Francis C. Allan

Siam and World War I
Stefan Hell


Josef Werndl und die Waffenfabrik in Steyr
Hans Stögmüller

Ammunition data thanks to DrakeGmbH

Animations by Bruno!

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