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2-Gun with SMG’s 1st Pattern Semiauto FG-42

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Today I am taking the SMG first pattern semiauto FG-42 out to a 2-gun match to give it a try on the clock. This particular match has two rifle-only stage and one pistol-only stage, so I’ll only be including the rifle stages here.

The 1st model FG-42 is a rifle that really just feels like it is waiting to be let loose. It is compact and svelte, and fits me very well, between the grip, stock, and optic. The quasi-bullpup configuration with the magazine side-mounted directly over the grip definitely contributes to its compactness. And yet, this is a rifle chambered for full-power 8mm Mauser ammunition (I am shooting PPU 198gr FMJ in this video) that doesn’t kick sharply like so many full-power rifles do. It gives you enough recoil that you know you are launching serious energy downrange, but it is restrained by the muzzle brake, in-line design, and stock buffer spring.

In short, it is a rifle that demands your respect, and then delivers for you.

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