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The KP-15: Now in OD Green for you Forest-Dwellers

KE Arms has finally pretty much caught up with the demand for black KP-15 monolithic polymer lowers, and now has the time to put out a limited run of them in OD Green (virtually identical in color to Magpul green). They will be making 3,000 of these and they will be shipping in about 4 weeks. They can be pre-ordered at KE Arms’ web site. Brownells will also be offering the full WWSD-2021 lower in OD Green, although it may not be listed when this video publishes.

I opted to put mine (KE gave me this preproduction sample) on my Brownells BRN-605 reproduction that I took to Desert Brutality 2019. I think it makes a really cool combination with the OPD camo tape on the upper assembly…

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