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A Tour of Varusteleka: Outdoor and Military Specialists

The time for me to give a proper callout to Varusteleka is frankly long overdue. I’ve been working with them for years now, and they have never asked for anything in return for hosting Karl and I for three annual Finnish Brutality matches. In a world where most surplus stores have turned from actual surplus to mediocre Chinese airsoft-tier kit, Varusteleka continues to find lots of actual surplus from all over the world (complete with ACTUAL USABLE SIZING GUIDES), and has eschewed the cheap gear in favor of creating their own brands of top-quality clothing and equipment.

Intended to serve both the general outdoor enthusiast and the Finnish military (both active duty and reserve), their Särmä TST line is as good as it gets. Every item is deliberately designed to give the best service, in ways that only real field testing can inform. The non-military line is just as good, with copious use of luxurious merino wool and wonderfully practical designs like Woolshell and the Särmä merino wool hoodie. It’s not cheap, but it is worth every dollar, and I have found myself replacing most of my own wardrobe with their products, at my own expense (although they don’t have a good line of hot weather clothing yet, for some reason!).

If this be shilling, I am happy to be guilty of it. I filmed this at my own behest, and without any remuneration. It is wonderful to find a company that has the mindset, integrity, and quality that Varusteleka does, and I look forward to watching their further progress towards Total World Domination!

My particular favorites:

Merino hoodie:
Tactical jeans:

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