What is a PDW? [The 4 types of Personal Defense Weapons]

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Since NATO seeked a new PDW class of weapons in the 90’s, many have argued over the definition of the PDW… but did not realize how old the concept actually is.

What makes a PDW – Personal Defense Weapon?

This seems like a difficult definition to tackle, but in reality it isn’t. The role-based definition may seem to apply to many, but when we boil it down to the the 4 different type of PDWs, it all becomes clear.

For this episode, we thank our friends and fellow contributors in making this happen!
@Garand Thumb – FNH P90 —- https://youtu.be/gYkMrlbXOm0
@Teufelshund Tactical – H&K MP7 —- https://youtu.be/fmdxpmHI7jY
@C&Rsenal – Artillery Luger LP08 —- https://youtu.be/hRAupWi5IcI
@Forgotten Weapons – Stetchkin —- https://youtu.be/Fn6LyFxlogE
C96 Schnellfeuer —- https://youtu.be/JqfpxqIK8VY
@Administrative Results – B&T USW —- https://youtu.be/n1s1rGsQsBo
@GunThots – MPX-K —- https://youtu.be/kuOI0sfKD1w
@Oxide – AKs74u —- https://youtu.be/6E2oIZ7dayc
@KLAYCO47 – AKs74u suppressed —– https://youtu.be/e_EkOdS5pG4

0:00 SBI
0:10 Video Start
1:00 Intro
2:03 PDW – Definition
3:48 PDW users
5:26 The 4 types of PDW
6:03 Type I PDW
8:38 Type II PDW
10:42 Type III PDW
11:52 Type IV PDW
14:43 Hybrid PDW – Vz61
15:18 Hybrid PDW – Kriss Vector
15:57 M1 Carbine – Type I PDW
16:33 Offensive Use
16:57 Conclusion

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