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Duckbill Done Right? Testing the A&W Diverter Shotgun Barrel (w/ Matt Haught)

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The A&W Diverter was designed by Clifford Ashbrook and Wilson Wing to change a shotgun’s circular pattern into a horizontal linear one. They applied for a patent in 1967, and it was granted in 1970 (US Patent #3,492,750). Their invention was similar in purpose to the “duckbill” chokes tried out by the US military in Vietnam, but done with a lot more engineering. Two versions were made, a sporting one with a 2:1 shot pattern and a military one with a 4:1 pattern. Thanks to Mike Carrick of Arms Heritage magazine, we have a Remington 870 barrel with a 4:1 Diverter to test out today.

Joining me for the experiment is Matt Haught of Symtac Consulting. Matt is a dedicated shotgun trainer who is slowly converting me to have a better appreciation for smoothbores…

For a look at the original published data on Diverter performance, check the May 1970 issue of Guns Magazine:

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