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Book Review: Into Helmand with the Walking Dead

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“Into Helmand With the Walking Dead” is a newly released memoir of the war in Afghanistan, written by my friend Miles Vining (whom you may recognize from Silah Report, among other places online). It is an intimate look at one Marine’s experience from enlisting right out of high school, going through training, and deploying twice to Helmand Province. This is not a strategic history of the war, but rather a grunt’s-eye view of what life was really like – often boring, sometimes strikingly beautiful and sometimes terrifying. Vining does not shy away from tough subjects like veteran suicide and the transition from combat to civilian life, but he does so without the booking dragged down. It is an engaging story, and one that I think is well worth reading for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of life in modern war.

The best place to purchase a copy is through Silah Report, where you can get it autographed by Miles and his co-author’s widow, and where a portion of all sales is donated to a veteran reintegration charity:

If those are sold out, it can also be found on Amazon in physical or Kindle form:

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