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Finnish Brutality Practice: 2-Gun with a Finnish M39

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As practice for Finnish Brutality, I ran a 2-Gun match with the Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant I am planning to use over in Finland. The M39 is the final iteration of the Mosin in Finnish service, and has very good sights, a great trigger, and a nice smooth action (for a Mosin, anyway). I was using PPU 182 grain “match” ammo, and the rifle short great. For a pistol, I used a Russian TT33 Tokarev, as I didn’t have a Finnish L35 Lahti available (I don’t know what pistol I will be using for Finnish Brutality yet…). Every single stage today used a kettlebell, in classic 2-Gun style!

My takeaway from the match was that I really need to practice reloading, and find some stripper clips that are less awful the typical, if possible. Once it was loaded, the rifle did great – all the misses were entirely my fault (perkele!). I’ve got plenty of time for some more practice before the match, fortunately.

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