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Mae’s Top 10 Rifles of WWI

Mae has handled a substantial number of rifles from WWI so we thought it was time for her to sit down and give you her top 10 list of rifles from the conflict. We also rank the 10 most common small arms of the Great War.

Episodes we reference:
Primer 001*: French Lebel Mle. 1886 M93

Primer 02B*: French Berthiers at War

Primer 005*: German Gewehr 1898 “Mauser” Rifle

Primer 008: German Karabiner 98 AZ “Mauser” Rifle

Primer 014: Canadian Ross Rifle Mark III

Primer 028: U.S. Rifle Model of 1917

Primer 030: Italian Carcano Model 1891

Primer 031: Italian Carcano Carbines

Primer 033: Type 38 and 44 Carbines

Primer 039: Mannlicher 1895

Primer 046: British Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield

Primer 049: Greek Mannlicher-Schönauer

Primer 064: U.S. Springfield 1903

Primer 074: Russian Mosin-Nagant 1891

Primer 094: Serbian Mausers 1899 and 1908

Primer 106: French RSC 1917

Primer 110: Ottoman Mauser 1903

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