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Guncovered: Black Powder Pistols, Muzzleloaders, & More

This installment of Guncovered takes a look at some impressive traditional muzzleloaders and antique black powder pistols that will be featured in the upcoming October Sporting & Collector Auction taking place October 8-10. Seth from Rock Island Auction Company shows off the incredible percussions, flintlocks, breechloaders and more that will be making an appearance in this auction, but this is only just the tip of the spear.

How much do you think these antique firearms will sell for? Which one was your favorite? Leave a comment below letting us know what you think of these spectacular antique black powder items!

00:26 – Antique Pistols
00:44 – Cased Pair of Brass Box Lock Flintlock Pocket Pistols – Lot 4162
01:17 – Silver Mounted Pair of Reuhl Flintlock Pocket Pistols – Lot 4155
01:50 – Twigg Marked Three-Barrel Tap Action Boxlock Flintlock Pistol – Lot 267
02:57 – London Engraved Screw-Barrel Boxlock Flintlock Pistol with Silver Accents – Lot 278 A
03:55 – Patrick, Liverpool Screw-Barrel Boxlock Flintlock Pistol with Snap Bayonet – Lot 278 B
04:21 – Cased Pair of Engraved Bourne Box Lock Pocket Pistols – Lot 4160
05:04 – Cased Engraved A. Wurfflein Philadelphia Derringer Pocket Pistol – Lot 4168
06:09 – Muzzle Loading Rifles and Fowling Pieces
06:40 – Ken Netting Flintlock Fowling Piece – Lot 4200
07:40 – Dick Bingham Flintlock American Long Rifle – Lot 4194
08:15 – Clay Smith Contemporary Flintlock American Long Rifle – Lot 4198
08:50 – Mike Brooks Flintlock Fowling Piece – Lot 4199
09:25- Mike Brooks New England Style Flintlock Long Rifle – Lot 4192
10:16 – Estes Harrison Southern Poor Boy Style Flintlock Rifle – Lot 4195
10:50 – Left Handed Muzzleloading Flintlock Rifle – Lot 4205 A

Be sure to swing by the preview hall, opening on October 7, to see even more beautiful black powder pistols, muzzleloader rifles, muskets, flintlocks, derringers, and so much more! Besides antiques, the sale will also feature a vast assortment of modern firearms. With over 3,000 lots, this auction is surely not something to miss.

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