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My New Book On The PIAT Is Out!

I’m very excited to say that my second book has been published! It looks at the much maligned and much misunderstood PIAT – or Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank.

The book is available from retailers from the 20th August in the UK/Europe and the 22nd September in the US. If you’d like a copy, regardless of location, you can add your email to this form – – and I’ll let you know when I have some for direct sale!

0:00 – I wrote a book about the PIAT!
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The PIAT was the British infantry’s primary anti-tank weapon of the second half of the Second World War. Unlike the better known US Bazooka the PIAT wasn’t a rocket launcher – it was a spigot mortar. Throwing a 2.5lb bomb, containing a shaped charge capable of penetrating up to 4 inches of armour. Thrown from the spigot by a propellant charge in the base of the bomb, it used a powerful spring to soak up the weapon’s heavy recoil.

With a limited range the PIAT’s users had to be incredibly brave. This becomes immediately obvious when we see just how many Victoria Crosses, Military Medals and Distinguished Conduct Medals were awarded to men who used the PIAT in action. The book includes numerous accounts of how the PIAT was used and how explores just how effective it was.

I have spent the past 18 months researching and writing the book and it is great to finally see a copy in person and know it’s now available. The book includes brand new information dug up from in-depth archival research, never before seen photographs of the PIAT in development and in-service history and it also includes some gorgeous illustrations by Adam Hook and an informative cutaway graphic by Alan Gilliland.

If you’d like a copy of the new book looking at the PIAT’s design, development and operational history you can add your email to this form –
I’ll let you know when copies are available!


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