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Q&A 43 (feat. Jonathan Ferguson): Military Wing of the Campaign for Beautiful Rifles

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Thanks to Jonathan Ferguson for joining me today to answer our second-to-last question! You can still preorder his upcoming book, Thorneycroft to SA80: British Bullpup Firearms 1901-2020 at Headstamp Publishing:

00:20 – My most unfortunate haircut
00:46 – Why do modern rifle cartridges still have a slight taper?
01:38 – What do I say to critics who say I’m wrong or a jerk?
04:04 – Rimfire .22 rifles that are both bolt action and semiauto
06:00 – If WW1 continued into 1919, how would the Pedersen device have been adapted to field conditions?
07:48 – Backlog of Zastava videos?
08:39 – Is the FG-42 more like a rifle or an LMG?
10:45 – Carcano, Ross, or Steyr?
13:37 – Favorite pistol-caliber lever action rifle?
14:41 – Filming my own guns that I have bought or had built
17:57 – Rifle-caliber blowback designs
20:26 – Rechambering historical rifles for which original ammo is unavailable
22:32 – Concealing serial numbers when filming guns
24:50 – European military surplus in the Old West?
27:13 – Post-production audio editing
27:44 – Three-gun choices to place last but have fun
Greener Martini:

30:17 – The Campaign for Beautiful Rifles has taken mom family hostage…
Pedersen rifle:

32:40 – Most interesting provenance of a gun I have filmed
Ferguson rifle:

33:59 – How do I know when the literature on a subject is wrong?
35:32 – When does a belt fed become more effective than a magazine fed LMG?
36:58 – What are the three threaded holes on the M1919 rear sight bracket for?
38:45 – How was .300 Savage involved in development of 7.62x51mm NATO?
41:15 – British semiauto rifle development before WW2 (answered by Jonathan Ferguson of the Royal Armouries)
48:36 – Have I ever “rage quit” a competition or event?

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