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Walther PPKs on the Range: Comparing the .32 to the .380

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Today I’m out at the range with three examples of Walther PPK pistols – one in .22 rimfire, one in .32 ACP, and one in .380 ACP. While the .22 is along for the comparison, I am mostly curious about how the .32 and .380 will compare to each other in practical shooting. The .32 will have less recoil, and holds 7 rounds in the magazine. The .380 fires a larger projectile, but produces more recoil and holds only 6 rounds.

I was a bit surprised to find that both are quite nice to shoot, the .380 especially – I had expected it to be a bit uncomfortable because of the small size of the PPK…

Thanks to Legacy Collectibles for the loan of these three Walthers! You can check out their YouTube channel here:

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