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A Walther copied by Hungary for Egypt: the WALAM 48

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The WALAM 48 was a copy of the Walther Model PP made by Fegyver- és Gépgyártó Részvénytársaság (aka FÉG) in Hungary in the years after World War Two. It was originally produced as the 48M police pistol (in .32 caliber) to replace the aging stocks of Frommer Stop pistols used by Hungarian police. Once that contract was completed, FÉG moved to looking for commercial and export sales. In 1957 a deal was worked out with General Nasser in Egypt to sell a version of the 48M as well as the Tokagypt copy of the TT33 for the Egyptian military. The gun was called the WALAM 48, meaning “WAlther- LÁMpagyár” (the factory name at that time). This model was chambered for 9x17mm (aka 9mm Browning Short, aka .380 ACP) and 10,000 were ordered. The contract was cancelled prior to completion for unclear reasons, resulting in some pistols being made with an Egyptian crest on the slide and some with blank slides.

Thanks to The Mosin Crate for selling me these two to bring to you on film! Check out his YouTube channel for other interesting surplus firearms videos:

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