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Update on WWSD2020 (What Would Stoner Do) Project

WWSD (What Would Stoner Do) is a project Karl and I did in 2017, to experiment with using modern AR components to create a rifle that met the original design intent of the AR-15/M16. That is to say, a very light and handy rifle using cutting edge modern materials. We used a monolithic polymer receiver (combining stock, grip, buffer tube, and receiver into a single component), pencil-weight barrel with modern surface treatments and stress relief, carbon fiber handguard, fully ambidextrous controls, captive recoil spring assembly, and other modernized elements. The result was a rifle capable of excellent accuracy, excellent reliability (including passing the infamous InRange mud test), and weighing less than 6 pounds with an optic and sling.

We were approached by Brownells and KE Arms about developing the concept into a commercially available product, and the result was the WWSD2020, announced by Brownells at SHOT Show 2020. It is based on the KP-15 polymer lower receiver, designed and produced by KE Arms.

If you are not familiar with the WWSD project, here is a playlist of all the material on it from InRangeTV:

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