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Adventures in Surplus: Chromed Argentine 1891 Parade Rifle

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When I got this Model 1891 Argentine rifle, I assumed it was the unfortunately result of someone’s experimenting with chrome plating parts. All the small parts are chromed and then heavily worn, while the barrel and receiver remain blued. Frankly, I think it looks awful, but it was in the lot with the Kar98a that I really wanted – such is the nature of lots. Anyway, when I started doing some reading, I found that a number of other people have Argentine Mausers in a similar condition. While there is no documentary proof, it is widely surmised that these were chromed for use as drill or parade rifles by the Argentine Navy. This would explain their condition and why they were surplussed only in the last couple decades. It’s a great example of why you shouldn’t make assumptions about something until you are really sure…

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