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PGM Precision Hecate II at the Range

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Today, we are taking the PGM Precision Hecate II out to the range. It is a rifle designed for use out to 1800m, but I have neither the skills myself nor the range facility to do something like that – instead I have a target set up at 200m.

I was quite surprising by just how soft-shooting the Hecate II is for a rifle chambered for .50 BMG. I can very honestly say that many .308 precision rifles have more felt recoil than this does – although the Hecate does have a substantial muzzle blast and concussion! Unfortunately, my shooting isn’t up to the task of properly showing off the accuracy the rifle is capable of – I’ll have to leave that to better shooters to demonstrating. However, if you are curious how .50 BMG behaves on steel, check out today’s InRangeTV video!

Thanks to PGM Precision USA for the opportunity to borrow this magnificent rifle to show to you!

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