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Chinese Mauser History

Hi guys,

I am holding a Blog which mainly dedicate to Mauser rifle history in China. I am doing research on China imports of Mauser rifle from 1870s to 1910s. Most of my works are based on Chinese Archives. My current major project is Mauser Chinese Gewehr 1907. I divide whole article in 4 parts.

In the first part which I’ve posted on my blog focus on the first attempt made by Chinese to adopt a small caliber rifle cartridge. In the second part, I am going to talk about the adoption of 6.8 m/m cartridge. The third part will dedicate to the development and production of Mod.07 rifle and cartridge in Mauser. The fourth part will focus on Chinese domestic production.

Mod.1907 Chinese Rifle is not well known rifle. Many mysteries are circulating out there. I hope my research can give a thought of it. If you are interested in my projects, Please check my blog:

If you are owner of Chinese copy of Mod.07 or Mauser Mod.07 and would like to share information, please kindly contact me via or leave messages under this article.

3 thoughts on “Chinese Mauser History”

  1. I was interested in doing something like this for a long time but did not know where to begin. I am glad someone is finally conducting proper research on Chinese Mausers as it is a topic that has not be sufficiently covered. This is a great blog and I wish you all the luck on your research.

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