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Desert Brutality 2020: BotR Intro and Stage 1 Talkthrough + Iain Harrison (RECOIL) cameo!

Here’s the start of the BotR Desert Brutality 2020 content on Bloke on the Range! A bit of an introduction, and then a talkthrough of Mike’s Stage 1, with what went wrong and why.

At the end, there’s a cameo from Iain Harrison (editor of RECOIL and winner of Season 1 of The History Channel’s Top Shots) to show us how it’s done.

As discussed in this video: Mike is modelling a .223 Remington Colt SP1, a 9x19mm Browning High Power in a Canadian P51 holster, a vaguely Borneo campaign jungle getup (plus sweater and scarf), and a basic 44 pattern webbing rig.


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