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Type 94 Nambu at the Backup Gun Match

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The Type 94 Nambu pistol is best known for the exposed sear that allows it to be fired by pressing on the side of the gun. This is actually not really the safety issue it’s usually made out to be, but that’s a point for another video. Today, I took a Type 94 to my local Backup Gun Match. This match has stages intended for limited capacity, close range guns, and is a great chance to do some quasi-practical shooting with guns like this one.

Unfortunately, the Precision Cartridge ammunition I used for this match was inconsistent and underpowered, leading to several malfunctions (I should have made a point to get Steinel 8mm Nambu…). Other than that, the gun was very nice to shoot – it has a good trigger, small sights, and is much more comfortable to handle than it looks like it would be. It is also a more durable gun than the much nicer-looking Type 14 Nambu, and it’s smaller size made it more convenient for the pilots, tank crews, and others who carried it. I chose to shoot the match with an issued katana as well, which forced me to shoot one-handed…

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