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MAS 49-56 in a 2-Gun Match

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A while back, I ran a 2-Gun match on my own with my MAS 49-56 (and a plain Glock 19), including the original APX L806 optic. It was not a particularly complex match, but it was fun to give the 49-56 a whirl.


– The 10-round magazines of the MAS family are definitely a hindrance in competition. Both the small capacity and the very slow nature of the period web gear, thanks to the external magazine latches.

– The trigger is also not very good.

– The APX L806 optic is good and durable, and does allow use of iron sights while mounted. It has a fairly small field of view by modern standards, which can be a problem at closer ranges.

My final score was 30th out of 40 shooters.

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