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Remarkable Art Deco Style FN/Browning B25 Shotgun

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The B25 was introduced by FN in 1925; the last of John Browning’s designs and the first successful over/under sporting shotgun. The one we are looking at today was created as a presentation piece for the celebrations in 1939 for the inauguration of the Albert Canal between Liege and Antwerp. As part of the festivities, the city of Liege hosted an Exposition of Water showcasing water-related technology – and FN was part of that Exposition.

The gun was embellished in a wonderful Art Deco style, with its engraving done by Felix Funken, who would go on to head up FN’s Custom Shop in the 1950s. Instead of checkering for the grip as one might expect, the wood is instead carved to emulate waves on water, creating a very interesting effect.

This shotgun is part of the Liege arms museum’s display of civilian arms, and I’d like to thanks them for taking it out of their display so I can show it to you! If you are in Liege, stop in and see the museum:

Forgotten Weapons
6281 N. Oracle #36270
Tucson, AZ 85740

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