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Q&A #37: FNs in Korea and Suomis in Denmark (and more)

Q&A time again! As always, our questions are provided by Patrons of Forgotten Weapons. Want to ask a question? Sign up to support the channel:

0:00:21 – Do I only drink Scotch?
0:02:03 – Belgian semiauto rifle at Chosin Reservoir?
0:03:54 – Do patent laws improve firearms design?
0:05:49 – Who do I like when I read fiction?
Neal Stephenson on Amazon:

0:06:14 – Would it have been easier to make a reproduction StG45 than StG44?
0:08:33 – FG-42 controllability and its stock buffer spring
0:11:08 – Finnish submachine gun with he Danish Resistance?
0:12:10 – How do collectors afford machine guns?
0:16:13 – If France had not fallen in 1940, would the French have developed an intermediate cartridge rifle?
0:19:26 – When did the US military have the biggest advantage and biggest disadvantage in small arms?
0:23:44 – Was the MG42 really so good?
0:26:54 – Was the SKS really a good idea for Russia?
0:30:53 – Opinion on the new cheap Chinese semiauto shotguns?
0:32:35 – Did Japan show an interest in the StG-44?
0:35:16 – Explain the C&R License.
0:39:39 – Can you lock two FG42s together like MAS 36 rifles?
0:40:49 – Why wasn’t the Maxim Pom-Pom used more in WW1?
0:43:39 – How do I get into different places to film?
0:46:43 – Are people biased in favor of their own nation’s service rifles?
0:49:43 – Most interesting “forgotten ammunition”
0:50:54 – K&M M17S Bullpup
0:53:15 – Should the US Government reopen Springfield Armory (or something like it)?
0:56:43 – Why are museums like the Royal Armouries not open to the public?
0:59:56 – Why did the French never get rid of the Chauchat magazine holes?
1:02:14 – Did the US simplify weapons like the Axis “last ditch” things?
1:04:16 – What does my wife think of Forgotten Weapons?
1:05:52 – Are my “Only 3 Guns” still the PKM, WWSD, and Hudson9?

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