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SS-Contract Walther PP and PPK Pistols

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Today, courtesy of Tom from Legacy Collectibles, we are taking a look at Walther PP and PPK pistols made specifically for the SS. These guns comprised several special contracts, distinct from general military and commercial production. They were not the only such special contracts, as such arrangements were also made for organizations like railway security and bank guards. Tracing back these specific guns has been done by a group of researchers using the archives preserved by the American and German armed forces.

If you would like more information or authentication of a Walther PP or PPK, Tom is happy to help (free of charge), and can be reached at .

To see more about Legacy, check out their YouTube channel:

The specific variations are:

PP Var 1: Non-P suffix slide, 997985 – 981212
PP Var 2: P Under serial, 124774P – 125168P
PP Var 3: External numbered slide, high polish. Crown-N proofs, 114343P – 157923P. Eagle-N proofs, 161757P – 162691P, 193484P – 194201P, 202786P – 204905P
PP Var 4: External numbered slide, military finish, 331xxxP – 333xxxP

PPK Var 1: Muzzle numbered. RZM-marked, 838769 – 841397. Non-RZM, 844936 – 990787, 1001262 – 1002477, 192083K – 192925K
PPK Var 2: K Under serial, 206019K – 234852K
PPK Var 3: External numbered slide, high polish, 242844K – 330358K
PPK Var 4: External numbered slide, military finish, 382985K – 426712K

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