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Bismark on the Range: Military Aviation History gets BotR rifle coaching from the ground up!


Bismark of the Military Aviation History channel was filming in Switzerland, and asked me if I could get him on the range and teach him to shoot. How could I refuse such a request from a Top Bloke like himself? And it gives me an opportunity to illustrate how I train a novice (although I’m not normally constrained by having to film…)

Since he’d never shot before, we discussed the four marksmanship principles and started him off at 300m with my 7.62×51 / 308 Win M1 Garand (Beretta-made) from 10:52, then moved him on to a 7.92x57mm Mauser Kar98k for a bit of a shoulder beating from 39:37 and then the Tikka T3x Arctic in 7.62×51 / 308 Win at 57:04 for something modern!

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