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Patreon Q&A, August 2019


Filmed on 3 August 2019, the questions answered relate to:

1:37 Thomas: any issues with loading GP90 (7.5×53.5)
6:00 John: are there any records of how Vetterli rifles were disposed at the end of their service life?
8:25 Hartley: How much effect did the relatively relaxed firearm laws have on you ending up living in Switzerland?
12:18 Hartley: Name one gun culture/law/sport you wish would get imported to Switzerland from the US.
14:12 Gavin: Due to the rifling, does a spinning bullet rise at all after leaving the barrel? (see also pinned comment below).
18:20 Kamerad: When will we be seeing you play around with some Mk I .303 reloads using black powder?
23:42 Norman: How about some background about yourselves.
24:28 Tim: What are your thoughts on converting Vetterli rifles from rimfire to centrefire?
26:48 Daniel: What dies do you us for 1882 reloading?
29:20 Bjørn: What are You shooting at Finnish Brutality?
30:48 Daniel: What blackpowder era firearms would you like to own but don’t?
33:50 Kevin: Are y’all going to go back and finish the Swiss straight pulls series?
36:13 Christian: With the last batches of GP11 having been made in the early 90’s, what happens when stocks run low? Also, how long did it take for the whole Swiss military to be on the GP90 cartridge and STG90?
40:10 Kyle: any suggestions on replacing a front barrel bushing on a K11?
41:25 Hunter: Why were the Swiss so early to adopt non-corrosive priming?
43:51 Douglas: Did the Herrett grips work out for you?
44:46 Timothy: What guns did you bring with you to Switzerland?
51:38 Timothy: What issues are involved in transferring/importing firearms from the US to Switzerland?
55:30 Kamerad: Have either of you ever tried out a Ross rifle?
56:46 Renaud: Any chance for you to get your hands on a SG E22 (or SG C42) to do a presentation?

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