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Book Review: The Dreyse Military Needle-Ignition System

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Leonard and Guy A-R-West have released the second book in their series on antique military rifles, this time on the Dreyse system. As anyone interested in the Dreyse has probably already learned, there is very little written in English about them, and this book a welcome addition! It includes an engaging history of the military use of the various Dreyse arms by the different German states, a series of overviews of the different Dreyse models, and plenty of additional information about accessories. As the West brothers are also avid shooters, the book includes plenty of material about the proper construction of cartridges for the system and shooting impressions from a variety of different models.

As with their previous book on the Chassepot, this volume is illustrated with a mixture of photographs and painting done by the authors. Cutaway images are used well to illustrate the mechanical differences between models, and overall the book is an excellent reference guide to the system for shooters, collectors, and historians alike.

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