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Chassepot to FAMAS Final Stretch Goal: Livestream Party!

The amount of support for the presale of my book has been way beyond anything I expected. We are posting out final stretch goal (which I have no doubt we will hit, at this point). I will be livestreaming the last couple hours of the Kickstarter while partaking of my various French adult beverages – I have some good cognac, some French whiskey, Chartreuse VEP, French Foreign Legion wine, and (naturally) all the makings of the French 75. The livestream will be open to all my Patreon supporters and everyone who have backed the Kickstarter.

How far will it go? We are the 10th most-funded Patreon publishing project ever right now; can we break become the biggest ever? It’s all up to you now. I’ll see you on the 31st!

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