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Lee-Enfield Myths: why didn’t we Commonwealth types notice any of them?


Rowan joins Bloke on the Range for a discussion about the common Lee-Enfield and .303 British myths, which seem to originate in the US. How could the rifles have been used for so long in the British Empire and Commonwealth, including in competition out to 1000 yards, without people noticing that they’re apparently terribly inaccurate, dangerously weak, with dangerous headspace problems and systematic rimlock / rimjam problems with the magazine? And that none of this managed to make it into the training materials?

Note 15.01.2019: Just this minute I happened upon a page with a couple of Lee-Enfield bolt failures of various types:

SMLE No.4 Springfield Mauser kar98 kar98k 98k Gew98 03A3

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