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I Found a Machine Gun: What Should I Do?

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There are thousands of machine guns currently in the National Firearms Act registry registered to people born before 1900. Think about that for a moment – every one of those owners is deceased, and those machine guns are still out there somewhere.

Periodically, the family of a deceased veteran will find a machine gun amongst there possessions. There is a straightforward process for passing a registered machine gun to a lawful heir, but it is dependent on the gun actually being legally registered. It is up to the family to locate the paperwork to prove that registration – or else contact the BATF to get a copy of it. Today I am discussing this situation with John Keene of the Morphy auction company. Sgt (retired) Keene is an expert of the NFA and this type of paperwork, and has helped many families through the process. This video is intended to help people in this situation understand how to deal with a gun which may or may not be registered.

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