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Remembering the end of World War I with a Hungarian soldiers’ song

Title of the Hungarian soldiers’ song: Somogyi katonadal (Soldiers’ song from Somogy county)
Remembering the end of the 1st World War for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. On the 3rd November 1918 an armistice was signed between the Entente Powers and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in Padova to cease all hostile activities on the 4th November – exactly 100 years ago. The song you will hear will not tell about bravery or heroism. It will tell about the sacrifices and suffering of the ones who remained at home, waiting for the husband, fiancé, father, son, grandson, friend to never return. This song is not about nationalism, it is simply about the universal pain of missing somebody who will never come home again, felt the same way in each corner of the World. Let them rest in peace.

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