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TAB Episode 29: Winchester Experimental Submachine Gun

When we think of Winchester we think of lever actions and timeless John Browning designs, we don’t usually think about submachine guns. In this episode Matt brings us the very first look at Winchester’s Experimental Submachine Guns developed during the mid-1950s.

Very little is known or written about the Winchester submachine guns, almost the sum total of what we know comes from a single item tag on one of the two prototypes and a careful examination of the guns themselves. In this episode Matt pieces together the history and design of the two surviving prototypes.

The 1950s and 60s represented a resurgent period of inventiveness and ambitious design for Winchester, sadly the company’s submachine guns never left the prototype stage. Luckily, these examples survive as part of the Cody Firearms Museum’s collection and they were kind enough to allow us to examine and disassemble them.
Our thanks to the CFM and it’s staff, who made this video possible.

As mentioned in the video there is an additional extra video on the reassembly of the N2 prototype, you can find that here:

For more information check out our detailed accompanying blog, which is packed full of photos, on the Winchester Experimental Submachine Guns here:

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