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H&K Quality Meets the Thumbhole Stock: The SR-9

Sold for $2,300.

The H&K SR9 was a the version of the H&K G3/91 designed to comply with (or avoid, if you prefer) the Bush Sr. 1989 import ban on “assault weapons”. About 4,000 of these were imported between 1990 and 1998, and they featured a bare muzzle and plastic thumbhole stock and handguard. The first 1000 or so had a faux wood grain finish on the furniture, but it was rather delicate and was dropped fairly shortly. A small number were fitted with PSG-1 grip and trigger assemblies and either MSG-90 or PSG-1 buttstocks and sold as the SR9T and SR9TC models. These changes were possible because the 1989 ban was an administrative one, not legislative, and was not applied to rifles with a specific target-shooting design intent.

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