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Alsop Navy Revolver, Compared to its Pocket Model Companion

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Joseph Alsop and his sons Charles R and Charles H were investors in the Savage Revolving Firearms Company, but also made an attempt to produce revolvers of their own (similar) design. In 1862 and 1863 they made a total of 800, the first 500 being .36 caliber Navy pattern guns, and the final 300 being .31 caliber pocket pattern guns. The two types do have different sized frames, but not as different as one might expect. Today’s video is primarily to point out the differentiating features between the two – see my previous video on the Alsop Pocket for more on the history and mechanics of the design (the two types are identical mechanically). The most visible difference between the two is on the top of the grip frame, where the Navy has a prominent protrusion and the Pocket has just a slight step.

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